Side Hustle Market is an e-commerce marketplace where you could buy side hustles created with Google Slides. 

In the future successful Side Hustle vendors will also be able promote and sell their products and/or services to those who are seeking a side hustle.

The marketplace was created in Moab, UT by MoabMall, llc.



“To make successful Side Hustles more accessible to supporters from around the world all throughout the year.”


“We provide a simple solution for successful side hustlers to offer their side hustles to hopeful side hustlers.”


Vendors list and sell their side hustles. A small commission is taken from each sale. There is no listing or monthly fee.

About the Founder

murice damion miller

Murice Damion Miller


I am a husband, a father, an author and an entrepreneur, described as having a real talent for creativity, innovation and accomplishment. I am humbled to be a graduate of Oakwood University, Class of 2005. By God’s Grace I have been able to positively “Depart to Serve” my community. I currently live in Moab, Utah, and I am a photographer with the local newspaper and real estate magazine. I am also a Physical Education/Health teacher for the local charter School. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and I enjoy creating solutions especially in the areas of education and entrepreneurship. I love coming up with side hustle ideas and this may be the best project of them all. Thank you for joining us and I am looking forward to serving you through SideHustleMarket.com.